The Importance of Being Elvis

Elvis' eponymous first album (1956)

Elvis' eponymous first album (1956)

What would our world be without Elvis Presley? Flashback to Never sets out to explore that question and more. Would artists like Buddy Holly, The Ronettes, or the Beatles have ever come into existence? What would the radio sound like if the king of rock and roll had never ascended to his throne? Who would teens of the ‘50s and ‘60s lose their minds and allowances over?

Elvis is more than ubiquitous. He is the American dream personified, a real life Greek tragedy, an icon of music, style, and culture so great that no artist beyond the ‘50s can escape his influence. But this isn't about Elvis. This is about the absence of Elvis, the absence of that ever-present cultural force.

The question runs deeper than just music, or even pop culture. American history from the '50s to present day would look different. Politics could very well have taken a drastic turn--but for the better or worse--who is to say? Even world history may have shifted in the absence of Elvis Presley.

Flashback to Never is an alternate history, an alternate reality, a world near enough to our own that it feels familiar, but distant enough to keep you laughing comfortably. The story begins at WF2N, a Top 40 radio station from 1962. It may seem like a fun, small town station, but it is also a distorted recording playing back all the realities that could have been, if just one man were out of the equation. 

We invite you to tune in for great music, dynamic characters, and a history that never was.

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